Hey Y’all! We hope you and yours are safe, healthy & happy. We are remarkably busy preparing for a great 2021 boating season!  We will have contracts and pricing ready by February 1st.  However, we are only accepting completed contracts by Groups. We will notify you of your group assignment.

Important Dates:

Group 1

February 15: Begin turning in Contracts

March 15: DEADLINE for Contracts & Slip Payment

Group 2

March 1: Begin turning in Contracts

March 30: DEADLINE for Contracts & Slip Payment

Group 3

May 1: Begin turning in Contracts


REQUIREMENTS for a slip rental or drydock:

  1. Completed Contract

  2. Current Registration

  3. Insurance 500k min

  4. Full payment


Group 1> 5% between February 15th – February 22nd

              > 2% between February 15th – March 15th *CASH ONLY *currency w/dead presidents

Group 2> 5% between March 1st – March 8th

              > 2% between March 1st – March 30th *CASH ONLY *currency w/dead presidents

Group 3> 2% between May 1st – May 8th


Hope to see you soon. Please take care!  IF you have decided to slip elsewhere, please let us know. Life is in a constant state of change and here’s to the Journey!!!



 FOR sale!!

3(6.5kw) generators 

 Flms family


for flms

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  • OFFICE:  


    • Use Sanitizer.​

    • ONE person in office at a time (look for floor markers)

  • Boat Owners' Hours: 9am -4pm: 5 days a week (Tuesday - Saturday)



Mon - Sat 9 - 4

Sun closed

Gas & Diesel

During business hours ONLY


No Fishing within the marina. 

Current Weather

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